Friday, August 5, 2016

Monitoring Edition Based Redefinition in a 12.2.5 Oracle Applications Environment

We migrated from a NoetixViews 6.4.1 to a NoetixViews 6.5.1 environment concurrently with our Oracle Applications 12.1.3 to 12.2.5 migration.  There were many, many changes that had to be made with customizations (referencing of objects in custom NoetixViews) 

Also, the 12.2.5 environment relies on a edition based redefinition model for code moves/patching which is a dramatic departure from previous approaches.  The edition based redefinition approach allows for online patching which is in contrast to the outage dependent NVA regeneration process which Magnitude advocates be ran in the runtime edition of the database.  

One (of many approaches) to be aware of the patching process is to monitor editions associated with the database instance.
This query will provide a hierarchical perspective of the editions associated with a database instance with the last level being the current edition (aka runtime edition):

SELECT level,
FROM dba_editions de
START WITH de.edition_name = ‘ORA$BASE’
CONNECT BY PRIOR de.edition_name = de.parent_edition_name
ORDER BY de.edition_name

Here is an example of this query being ran using apps in a development instance.

apps@dev>SELECT level,
2 de.edition_name,
3 de.parent_edition_name,
4 de.usable
5 FROM dba_editions de
6 START WITH de.edition_name = ‘ORA$BASE’
7 CONNECT BY PRIOR de.edition_name = de.parent_edition_name
8 ORDER BY de.edition_name
9 /

1               ORA$BASE                                                             YES
2               V_20160703_2120   ORA$BASE                             YES
3               V_20160725_2132   V_20160703_2120                   YES

Level 3 displays to the current runtime edition.
Applies To:   Patching and code move process

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