Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Framework for Managing Versioning and Processing of Noetix Hook Scripts through the Software Development Lifecycle

During the installation of the Noetix View Administrator, a custom development folder is created in the Master folder.   Here is a screenshot of how this file structure looks:

Noetix intends that the Noetix Administrator will use this as a repository for all custom hook scripts (see the 6.01 Noetix View Administrators User Guide, p. 46).  When starting the Noetix View Administrator and running stage 1, these hook scripts are transferred from this \\Master\Custom file to the SQL script home for that instance.

Development and Unit Testing Stages

In the \\Master\Custom folder, I maintain a development folder that only has scripts and any other data definition language associated with development that has not completed user acceptance testing.

When doing a regeneration using these scripts, I copy all scripts from the development folder and move them to the SQL script home associated with the development environment.

User Acceptance Testing Stage

When the new development is ready for user acceptance testing, I place the new scripts into the test erp SQL home.

After the new scripts have passed user acceptance testing, I move the new scripts to the \\Master\Custom folder and PVCS. 

Promote to Production

When I create the change management documentation, I reference the PVCS file locations.

Having a well defined process for maintaining and keeping track of versioning of hook scripts is very important in managing a Noetix environment.

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