Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reflections on Noetix Views with an Emphasis on the Inventory Module

What has Noetix brought us?

-A security framework that reflects our ledger/legal entities/operating units that is robust.

-Breadth of views. Usually these views are not exactly what our users want. They get a little frustrated and then someone from our user group submits a request to have a modification.

-A means to stay current with Oracle Applications.

Today I want to reflect on the Noetix Views regarding the Inventory module.

There are about 16 views we use with some frequency. Most views which are used have at least some modifications.

Here they are:

INV_Item_Onhand_By_Lot, INV_Onhand_Quantities, INV_Customer_Items, INV_Item_Purchasing_Attribut, INV_Onhand_Period_End, INV_Category_COSTING, INV_Item_Onhand_By_Lot_Loc, INV_Lot_Details, INV_Manufacturer_Item_Detail, INV_Category_Inventory, INV_Item_Planning_Attributes, INV_Item_Revisions,
INV_Batch_Transactions, INV_Customer_Items, INV_Item_Cross_References,

Some of these views are custom views (clonings and some home grown creations):

INV_Onhand_Period_End, INV_Lot_Status_History, INV_Item_Onhand_By_Lot_Loc, INV_Batch_Transactions, INV_Lot_Status_History

The point of this post is to step back and reflect. What has Noetix done for us as it pertains to this module? If you look at all the views that we do use, one can immediately conclude that Noetix has provided a spectrum of views based on historical needs. Not only this, we can feel good about the software development lifecycle of these views. Specifically, we know that Noetix does a good job of designing and testing their views.

While a spectrum of views has been provided, it is not complete. 4 out 16 of these views are custom views. Also, of the 12 views remaining (that are heavily used), more than ½ of them needed to be customized. Around here, I heard someone say, “Noetix provides about 80% of our needs.” In this module, Noetix has only met about 75% of our needs. In addition to this, when we say 80%, we mean that a given view has about 80% of what we need and the remainder of what we need, we need to customize.

Is this disparaging? No. Nobody is that good that they can sell you an off the shelf software package with no need for customizations. Noetix has done a good job and most people here feel good about Noetix. It is robust. Their views provide breadth. Their views are well designed and provide us with some peace of mind that they are well thought out.

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