Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Going Live with 6.01 Noetix Views

Last week we went live with the 6.01 Noetix Views. Here is our high level process (our reporting tool, Discoverer, had steps included in this process as well):

1 Export Discoverer business areas and workbooks separately.

2 Using data pump, export the Noetix Administration and end user layer database schemas.

3 Run the NVA pre-update scripts.

4 Spool SQL (and run spooled file) pertaining to dropping old Noetix roles:

grantee IN ('NOETIX_SYS')
and granted_role not in ('CONNECT','RESOURCE')
order by 1

If these roles were not dropped, I have found that the Noetix View Administrator would throw errors during the regeneration process. This script could be potentially very bad if I am not careful that only Noetix created roles are dropped.

5 Drop the Noetix Administration and end user layer database schemas.

6 Create the end user layer user, EUL5_US and provide system grants.

7 Using the Discovere Administrator, set-up the end user layer schema, EUL5_US as a Discoverer, private EUL schema.

8 Run the eul5.sql script (utility) in EUL5_US.

9 Having access to the SYSTEM dba account, run the Noetix View Administrator, stage 1.

10 Run scripts that provides grant select to some custom objects with grant option for some. We have a lot of xu2 scripts and some of the scripts reference objects which are owned by custom schemas.

11 Complete Noetix View Administrator stages 2 through 4.

12 Run my grant execute script to APPS for Noetix Sys KFF and security packages. With the 6.01 release, the appropriate grants to invoke these packages (using corresponding concurrent programs created by the NVA) in Oracle Applications were not included. I compiled a list based on errors being thrown while attempting to run the corresponding concurrent programs.

13 Generate the EUL in the new EUL schema.

14 Create manual joins.

15 Import workbooks.

16 Test manual joins.

17 Run concurrent program which performs initial upload for KFF cache tables.

18 Schedule incremental refresh for concurrent programs which are associated with the kff cache tables.

19 Make sure the Discoverer role mapping corresponds with the mappings used in the tupd files.

20 Generate the Noetix Search file.

21 Test the top 20 workbooks to confirm that the imported workbooks can be associated with the new Noetix Administration account objects.

All in all, this was successful.

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